Monday, August 6, 2012

HGUC Zudah by LED Zeppelin

First ever kit!
Scratch-built waist, LED mods, custom paint job, dry brushed and enamel washed!

The hardest part was fitting the batteries inside the kit. I used a 3mm red LED for the eye and a 5mm blue LED for the booster. Didn’t want to put the LEDs on a circuit (too lazy) so I just wired two different battery packs for them, one inside the main body unit and another one on a scratch built power pack on the back.
As for the paint job, I airbrushed a darker shade of blue first and then a lighter one
(don’t know if it shows on the pics though).
Really liked working on this kit!
Well that’s it!
Thanks for viewing! - LED Zeppelin

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