Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MG Hyaku Shiki Custom WIP

So here's what I'm working on right now... My MG Hyaku Shiki bought from TOYCON PH last June 2011. It really is taking me a long time doing this and had to take a break and make my HGUC Guncannon & Mobile Pod Ball Diorama. Finally got my "mojo" back and did this again... Here goes.. Enjoy!

Used MG Gundam MK II backpack and some parts from MG Strike Freedom for the backpack. I plan on putting propellants in there somewhere.. Just don't have the time to do it yet.

"Alien Gun" from MG Zeta 2.0's Hyper Mega Launcher and also some parts bashed from it.

Some metal parts added to the arms... Still thinking of other places to put them.

And some shots with the "Alien Gun"

Well.. some stripping and priming is next for this one... And will be building the diorama soon.

Thanks for dropping by! -Jetoman

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