Monday, December 12, 2011

Decepticon Diorama by Frenzy Rumble

Stumbled this on the internet and thought i need share it here! This here is a masterpiece by Frenzy Rumble, an american TF customizer. Nearly stained my pants after seeing this diorama! Really superb scratch building skills and LED placements. I'd sell one of my kidneys for skills like this!

Scratch Built energon hose and cubes with flowing energon and led lights

Scratch built Energon hose

Energon Cubes

Energon hose with flickering effect LED mimicking flowing energon

Masterpiece Starscream

Masterpiece Soundwave with Frenzy, Rumble & Ravage

Diorama details with LED lights

Really sick scratch building skills! Thanks for viewing!

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